Estella Kitchens Pty. Ltd. has been serving the needs of the renovation industry since early 1988. Estella Kitchens offer a wide range of kitchens, latest designs and collections that compliment your home as well as lifestyle.

All of our staff are knowledgeable on each and every individual service to make your overall renovation experience a satisfying one. The products are guaranteed (Our License Number - 128121C) and that’s what you can call peace of mind.

We offer you a range of quality finished products along with the methods for a dependable installation that will ensure and satisfy all your needs to renovate your living style. For the best in the industry or your desire to have something exce-

ptional for your kitchen, simply call our office for detailed information.

Kitchen Solutions

Building a new kitchen and giving a proper design to it is a real challenge. It is important that you are happy with all your professionals working on this project, whether they are plumbers, electricians, designers or builders.

Before employing a designing firm it is necessary to get the initial consultation. After that you can move on with the detailed discussion that includes estimated cost, time required to complete the project and much more.

A professional designer will initially inspect the kitchen thoroughly before implementing the actual plan. The designer should be qualified enough to ensure that without your prior permission there should not be any change with the actual planning.

Kitchen resurfacing is also another project that needs to be taken care by the professional. It is nothing but just to place a new surface over the old one. There are different methods for resurfacing. For more information regarding any kitchen renovations related issues do contact us.


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